7 ways to understand how to work with lash layers

1. Imagine layers as stairs; lashes closer to water line are the first step which you apply the longest lashes on to.

2. Every step above the bottom, or last you have lashed, decrease with 1mm.

3. Not all layers are situated on the same hight. If you feel that certain length would be too long for that row/layer, decrease length with 2mm shorter extensions.

4. Always make sure the bottom layer is covered by lashes. It’s going to shape whole your style. Framing will lead to successful mapping in final result.

5. If you’ve applied wrong length, you can take it off and replace with correct. Just Make sure it won’t happen often.

6. Use lash mirror to check from underneath if lashes stick out of style. It will guide you to see if your direction of application is nice and flawless.

7. Do not be afraid to take a decision, fear is the only thing that is holding you back to your progress.