About eyelash grafting

Do you have any cute ones who often get eyelashes~ Share your experiences and feelings in the comments, and tell everyone about planting grass, pulling weeds, and precautions!
I don’t have much personal experience, and I have summarized the ten points of attention below~
1. Don't rub, don't pull
2. Within 6 hours after grafting eyelashes, try to avoid all high temperature environments including hair dryers
3. Try not to flush with your back when taking a bath, the eyelashes will be messy
4. Don't rub, don't pull
5Don't use oily makeup remover products
6. The curling degree of eyelashes is roughly divided into three levels. 30 degrees is the closest to your own eyelashes, natural and daily; 50 degrees is the most commonly used, the curvature is very beautiful; 70 degrees is the most warped, the makeup is the heaviest
7. Don't rub, don't pull
8. The ratio of false eyelashes and real eyelashes is basically 1:1. One real eyelashes has one false eyelashes. If there are more real eyelashes, it will break. If the glue is not glued, it is easy to bring down your own eyelashes. Up.
9. Don't really rub, don't pull, or it's easy to bring down your eyelashes. When you don’t want it, go to the store and use special products to unload.
It’s easy to show up if you pull it forcibly