Bad glue or bad conditions

How to find out when you glue is drying too fast?

The speed is not manipulated and the fan was dipped into the glue without using any types of speed up solutions for the glue to dry out faster.
Immediately after picking up the glue, the fan froze! Normally it would clap together.
Why so?
- C O N D I T I O N S. When the humidity and temperature are relatively high your glue will dry faster, but you can’t allow your glue to dry too fast.

What will happen if the glue dry too fast?
- the glue on the fan will already become dry during transportation from the tile to the eye
- the retention (how well extension will stick to NL) will be badly compromised. Sometimes it might stick, but while brushing out, the fans will start shedding.

The worst scenario?
- The fan will be partly attached and your clients will loose their extensions within a week.
Total disaster?
- When your clients won’t tell you about it and won’t risk their money with you again

When you can admit to your own mistakes it means you are learning!