Correct glue pick up can mainly avoid

Not sure how much is enough, how little is too little?Correct glue pick up can mainly avoid: stickies, loose bases, air drying, retention issues.
Firstly, your glue must ALWAYS be chosen correctly to your conditions, or reversed - there ain’t perfect recipe for glue, your knowledge about is is crucial. Quick repetition;
Adhesive used with classic lashes work the exact time it dries, meaning:
1 sec glue + 1x classic eyelash = 1 second drying time on natural lashes.
To make it easier for you take a look at presentation above and follow how the bases of classic lash look like.
1. Too fast pick up. Glue migrated up the base and created a ball, which will create loose base. Bad retention - lash is attached only in the size of the ball. The glue from the bottom of the base already dried out on the way to placement.
2. Correct pick up for ideal condition, already separated natural lash. No rush for advanced artist.
3. Wrong pick up. Glue separated itself creating two balls. Too much glue will cause stickies as it didn’t dried enough when letting go of separation of natural lashes. Damage alert.
4. Ideal classic pick up, especially for a beginner.
5. How to remove excess from glue. Slowly. Can be from the side as long as the pick up is centripetal.