How to avoid loosing clients caused bad retention

Where you choose to put your adhesive on matters, but more than that, independent thinking matters more.

There was a period of time I was curious how micropore tape will affect working with adhesive vs. Retention. We all know that glue drop look way more attractive on the micropore tape- super rounded and fluffy all the time, while on the sticker more flat and must be exchanged quicker. Must it really?

During the period of experiment I have noticed that adhesive’s best properties sink inside the micropore tape (that’s why you tent to tape many pieces above each other?). It sink that much and fast, as if you place only one piece of tape on the crystal holder, it would go though the tape and settle on the stone within several minutes during such quick polymerisation.

This means tape must be exchanged every ca. 5-10 minutes (depend on the condition that follows; room temp. + humidity). Considering humidity 50%+ and 23+ degrees, micropore tape will affect retention negatively and your infill sessions therefore will take more time.

There are two types of glue stickers; matte and shiny that allow your glue stay longer fresh. Even though the glue drop might seem a bit flat, shiny sticker is going to keep your glues properties fresh longer, minimise the risk poor bonding into natural lashes. Time of exchanging glue drop vary from 20-40min depending on the conditions and drying speed of adhesive.