How to use tweezers

In every profession, there are tools by which we perform a procedure or work.
You need to know how to use them, their use can only be precise and accurate. This will affect the work process and directly the RESULT
As in any profession, it is a longer time in our profession until you learn to use our tools accurately.
If you don’t hold the tweezers well by default, it will take some time for you to constantly control the process and consciously reshape this movement.
In my training, I always put a lot of emphasis on holding the right tweezers as more than half of the stylists do not hold them correctly. Then come the problems:
⛔️ I can not pick up the fant fall apart
⛔️ The threads slip out, the tweezers are definitely bad
⛔️ The fan is nice, but deforms when recorded
⛔️ the stem does not stay together
⛔️ I cannot position comfortably
⛔️ the set is not durable (yes it is)
⛔️ my hand hurts, my palm hurts, my fingers are made
⛔️ my hand shakes
etc ... etc .... familiar?
If you hold the tweezers correctly, it means:
️ comfortable
️ You can work fast
️ nothing hurts
️ You are confidently positioned
️ it feels like the tweezers are a continuation of your fingers❗️
But, now comes the fine print - how many degrees is your tweezers? How thick? Do you know the working zone? What metal is it made of? Do you use tweezers in the right shape for your level?