Let's talk about lash primers

We don't recommend using traditional lash primers (also known as pre-treatment serums) as they shock open the cuticles (in 1-2 seconds) and dry out lashes unnecessarily ‍.Their main active ingredient is alcohol which damages lash cuticles and thins them out

Superdry opens cuticles slowly (it needs 30 seconds to work) and GENTLY, without causing ANY damage to lash cuticles (including not drying them out) The small bit of alcohol we have in Superdry is there only instead of preservatives, it’s not an active ingredient to open cuticles!
Apply it on natural lashes as a primer (to open cuticles and help with retention) or on lash extension strips as an adhesive accelerator to make any lash adhesive cure instantly.

And yes, it is compatible with Dark Matter