Should the eyelash extension glue be slippery

 First of all, we generally decide from the eyelashes grafted
1. Grafting a single round hair because the contact surface of eyelashes is small, so you need to take small beads to slide the glue from top to bottom, remember not to go back and forth many times, (the roots need to leave a safety distance of 1-1.5mm)
2. Single flat hair and multiple roots (multiple roots more than 2 to more than two) do not need to take glue beads, single flat hair and multiple flowering grafts will have more contact surfaces, so each false eyelash Glue will be applied to the compliant surface evenly, so there is no need to take the glue beads. Relatively taking the glue beads will cause too much glue at the root, and the graft will be comfortable. The roots will be uncomfortable due to the accumulation of glue.

 Glue (Glue moisture quick-drying glue and slow-drying glue)
1. Quick-drying glue (single root, multiple roots, flowering grafting)
The drying speed of quick-drying glue is 0.5-1 seconds, because the nature of glue is very fast, so there is no need for glue sliding.
2. Slow-drying glue (suitable for single-root grafting and multiple roots that do not bloom. Flowering needs to be grafted with quick-drying glue. Slow-drying glue is slow in glue, and it is easy to shrink when it acts on flowering grafting.) That slow-drying glue is required Take appropriate amount of rubber beads for slipping (except for single flat hair and multiple grafts)