The procedure of eyelash grafting

1. Clean the eye skin and eyelashes.

2. Eyelash stickers to isolate the lower eyelashes and waterproof tape.

3. Lift the skin of the upper eye with hypoallergenic tape (pay attention to the isolation of the eyebrows)

4. After the tape is attached, there is no obvious gap in the eyes when observing from the side.

5. Take an appropriate amount of pre-treatment liquid with the nano cotton swab to clean the eyelashes and then blow dry and comb.

6. Take the glue, shake it evenly from side to side for 20s, and then dispense it vertically.

7. Left-hand tweezers to split the hair, right-hand tweezers to take the eyelashes for five-point positioning (the first point is in the middle)

8. Place the false eyelashes at a distance of 1mm from the root of the real eyelashes.

9. Hold the eyelashes firmly and release the tweezers slowly after 1 second.

10. Carry out grafting in sequence.

11. After the grafting is completed, blow dry (5-8 minutes).