Very long, but also VERY USEFUL POST

Inner corners of the eyes are one of the most painful subjects of eyelash extensions (well, apart from the glue).
It is difficult to edit the inner corners because it is a really hard to reach place, the eyelashes often look in different directions, are often not worked 100% or are completely left out ...

Today we would like to discuss with you the worst mistakes when working with the inner corner of the eye, in the hope that, thanks to this important information, you will have fewer problems.

We have already written extensively on the use of short lengths in the inner corner of the eye. Not in spite of that we repeat it:
If you want to do a nice job then
eyelashes longer than 7 mm are a mistake!
✅ Use short lengths so as not to overload the customer's natural eyelashes and to give the eyelashes a natural look!
Our yaLASHes Ultra Black KIM eyelashes with a length of 7mm (where there are several lengths on one band: from 3 to 7 mm) will help you.

Doesn't play an unimportant role either!
Curls that are too curved are a mistake!
✅ Use flatter curls, such as C or B, to keep the lashes looking natural and not touching the client's eyelid.
If you don't know how to mix the curls in a job, we'll be happy to teach you how to do it in our advanced training course “Flawless classic eyelash extensions”.

Have you ever seen strange, unnaturally sharp (like cut off) inner edges? So, so that this doesn't happen to you:
Using a large volume (in the inner corner of the eye) is a mistake!
✅ Regardless of whether you are doing 2D, 3D or mega-volumes, be sure to reduce the volume in the inner angles! Then the edge will look nice and flowing inside and look natural (not choppy)! This also significantly reduces the stress on the weak natural eyelashes in the inner corners!