What kind of flower type is beautiful for flowering and grafting

1) The tip is sharpened, and the roots look more delicate and refreshing. However, when filling the void, the eyeliner does not work well when the point is sharpened.
2) Large flowers and small flowers are okay. Different sizes are available according to different eyelash conditions. Large flowers look fluffy, small flowers look neat, too big one looks messy, and too small one looks like makeup, as long as the guests like it Satisfaction is fine.
3) Long-stemmed and short-stemmed, as long as the flowers are equidistant, they are good flowers! ! ! The blooming size is the same, the flowers are evenly spread, the blooming spacing is the same, the glue point is the same, and the contact point is the same, so as to achieve standardization.
The more natural the work is, the harder it is to be neat, so whether it is 8mm or 13mm, the flower of the same work must be the same size to be beautiful.
4) The original eyelashes may have healthy hairs and small fine hairs. Healthy hairs can have more roots, while small fine hairs have fewer roots. The point is that no matter 3D or 6D, as long as the flowers are equidistant, they can be very neat.