What makes eyelash extensions last longer

Artificial Eyelash Wearing Period

On average, eyelash extensions are worn for 3-4 weeks. However, this time may vary️

What does it depend on?

✔ How quickly your eyelashes are renewed. Yes, eyelashes do fall out, and new ones always grow in their place☘ For different people this happens over a different period of time

✔ From the length and thickness of artificial eyelashes. The heavier the attached hairs, the less time the result lasts

✔️ From the glue used by the master, from the correct placement of the eyelashes and from the humidity level in the office during the extension.

✔ From the care of eyelash extensions This is very important! Correct care directly depends on how long the final result will last! How long do eyelash extensions last for you?